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Allegro Software is family of applications based on Allegro Framework, a programming environment that we've developed as a common web platform for our cloud-based software solutions.

One of the products of this family is Allegro Business Solution, a pure web application supporting all common browsers.

Helps self-employed businessmen with paperwork, handles the economic administration in small and medium-sized enterprises, and will also answer the needs of accounting companies.

Can manage accounting data for multiple companies and for different accounting periods and supports multilingual operation on both application and data level.

Allegro Business Solution can also be installed locally in a company network.

For more information please visit our web site dedicated to Allegro Software and let us know what you think about it.

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Maestro is highly-sophisticated solution for debt management and collection is designed for companies that specialize in helping creditors get their money back.

Visual tools allow defining various procedures and results of debt collection; depending on the specified conditions the system automatically performs operations according to a pre-set timing.

Apart from the calculation of interests, penalties and contractual fines, the algorithms implemented in the system can calculate commissions and administration fees, and generate documents needed for billing automatically.

The system can also be used by third parties looking for debtors' addresses, by social service authorities protecting people in material need, by lawyers representing creditors or debtors, or by inspectors assessing debtors' current situation.

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Caster has been developed as a thin client for textual user interface applications running under Windows. It allows full-featured, precise emulation of VT525, VT520, VT420 and VT320 terminals and is used with success for example in Česká spořitelna or Raiffeisenbank.

Customizable connection directory with predefined connection profiles lets you connect with a simple click on mouse.

Intuitive semi-graphical interface can be localized, currently English and Czech version is available.

Caster includes sophisticated edit functions - copy and paste commands let you import host data into documents, tables or spreadsheets with ease, a rectangular region marked by mouse can be copied.

It is possible to leverage host applications and simplify operations with sophisticated scripting, use event handlers or create clickable areas and Windows-like menu or buttons.

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