Allegro Software

Allegro Software is an economic information system that, as a purely web-based solution, can be accessed via all the most common internet browsers.

It is a comprehensive tool for managing the trading process, warehouse management, production and other areas of business. It also satisfies the needs of accounting companies.

It allows working with data of multiple companies in different accounting periods and supports multilingualism at the application and data level.

Allegro Software is a cloud-based system that can also be installed locally on corporate networks.

For more information, please visit our website dedicated to Allegro Software.

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AStock Pro

AStock Pro is an online tool for efficient management of warehouse operations using a mobile device.

The intuitive interface allows to easily view the status of the warehouse, perform receipt and dispatch of goods, including checking the accuracy of the shipment. Inventory can also be recorded, all directly in the warehouse and from your mobile device.

Information from the warehouse is continuously transferred to the warehouse records in Allegro Software and other database users can access the latest data wherever they are.

Support for tracking serial numbers, batches and expiry dates allows for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries, including specialized fields. It also offers authentication of drugs in the NSOL database and recording of changes in packaging status.

The app is designed for Android and iOS operating systems.

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A simple invoicing program for sole traders and start-ups. In a user-intuitive environment it is easy to create quotes and invoices, keep records of products, sales prices and important business contacts.

Online invoicing is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS, as well as a web app that gives users access to records from anywhere thanks to a cloud-based solution. All this completely free.

An overview of issued invoices and a list of the quotes history is always at hand. The option to export records to Excel allows further processing, for example when preparing data for accounting.

A compatibility with the invoicing from Allegro Software will allow you to smoothly transition to an economic business system if your business grows.

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