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If you are interested in developing a web-based project of any kind, feel free to contact us. We can respond to almost any customer demand concerning sophisticated online applications tailored to your needs.


The main objectives of this project include the collection, sorting and recycling of waste, and the creation of new job opportunities for disabled and socially disadvantaged citizens. The system allows planning one-off and regular waste collection in detail according to the place, volume, and the current state and availability of vehicles.

The sorting process is carefully documented, goods intended for reuse are transported to workshops, where they are repaired and issued a new warranty card so that they can be sold in specialized stores. The system registers sales and complaints, and documents the entire process of warranty repairs. All activities performed in the workshops are monitored and subject to quality control.

The system has successfully been deployed in Belgium and the Netherlands, other European countries and the USA have shown their interest as well.

Absence Manager

This system, developed in compliance with the Dutch legislation, is for all types of organizations. It facilitates the rather complicated management of work absence including maternal leaves, which the Dutch employer is legally bound to monitor and document thoroughly.

The application is layered vertically into several levels that provide services and functions depending on whether they are for employees, employers, or third-party users (doctors, therapists, insurance companies, consultants etc.)

Each registered work absence is tracked in time and, according to pre-defined rules, documents required by the law are automatically generated. The system also allows the registration of doctors providing medical consultations (appointments can be made), which enables the employer to monitor the entire process of treatment.


This project comprises web-based configurators for window blinds and furniture plinths. The aim was to facilitate orientation in the vast range of product variants, and to provide the possibility to create custom production assignments. Applications that allow assembling the required final product step-by-step can be connected directly to distributor web sites.

Plastic blinds configurator
Aluminium blinds configurator
Wooden blinds configurator
Plinth configurator
Configurator for window blinds of standardized dimensions
MAX blinds configuration
K System

Our solution has made the ordering process highly flexible, also increasing the company’s sales volume. The product is continuously developed and extended. Deployment in Slovakia is being prepared at the moment.


The Favex company deals in metallurgical materials, especially pipes and rectangle tubes. In close cooperation with the company we have developed a system covering mainly accurate monitoring of individual production batches and of subsequent testing procedures. The system accounts for differences in weight coefficients of the individual batches, fluctuating within a tolerance range given by the norm. It also deals with the fact that trading can require units of measurement other than those used in inventory records.

For this project, the standard purchasing module was extended to cover check-in and loading notifications and the related check-in inspection and control measurement registration. A complaints module interconnects sales and purchasing so that a customer’s complaint can be transferred to the respective supplier and all associated costs can be tracked.

Also included as an extension is a specialized production module for the company’s dividing and cutting centre. Another required functionality is material reservation for contracts of purchase or manufacturing job orders.


Although Allegro was originally conceived as a platform for the development of administrative applications (i.e. especially for accounting, business records and inventory control), the system can freely be extended via plug-ins.

For this metalworking company we have integrated a production module for one-off manufacture as well as batch production. Preparation covers both the creation of technological procedures and calculations concerning products and work in progress. The production module is linked to business contracts with the possibility to generate manufacturing orders. This resulted in a direct interconnection of the company’s business and manufacturing activities.

Other features include registering and tracking of tools and equipment; the course of production can be monitored through documenting finished operations per workshop, including the evaluation of production plan and norm compliance.


The Fokus Kytary online shop uses our Web Content Management module, and is directly connected to the Allegro Business Solution modules.

The shop uses the standard Allegro inventory module for the registration and classification of musical instruments, and for easy inventory control. Thanks to the interconnection, related modules for purchasing and sales can be used, price lists can be created in various currencies including special offers for particular product groups or time-limited discounts.

Online orders are automatically sent to Allegro and processed in a subsequent sales chain (delivery note, invoice, shipping). Invoices can further be processed in the Accounting module, without the need to copy any data.