•   Business is changing, our system also Business is changing,
    our system also
  •   We look at business from the cloud We look at business
    from the cloud
  •   A partnership approach we put on first place< A partnership approach
    we put on first place
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... is a Czech company focused on information technology and web solutions

At NewLink Moravia s.r.o. we are engaged in the production of economic information systems and implementation of custom projects.

Since 1991 we operate on the Czech market as well as in Belgium and the Netherlands. For more than 30 years of our activity we have accumulated enough experience to develop the Allegro Framework, which since 2010 has become the main development platform for all our existing products based exclusively on web technologies and principles of cloud computing.

All our current projects, including the most extensive – the Allegro Software economic information system, are built on the Allegro Framework. This set of purely web-based applications allows easy access to data and flexible management of business operations and, together with the accounting module, is a comprehensive tool for managing the trading process, inventory management, production and other areas of the business. Thanks to the integration with modern technologies, such as payment terminals, mobile readers and other tools for electronic communication (e.g. B2B shop), Allegro represents a sophisticated solution for the progress of your business.

The best way to convince yourself of the benefits of Allegro for your business is to try the system. See what Allegro Software can help you with.

We are also dedicated to mobile application development and support the ever in-demand terminal solutions in some industries.

NewLink Moravia, a reliable partner of entrepreneurs for more than 30 years.